A life-changing (customer) experience

The world of B2B marketing can be full of jargon and acronyms – from ABM and SEO, to CTR and MQLs. As such you’ve probably heard of CX – or customer experience – and you’ve undoubtedly introduced some aspects of CX into your marketing plans. But do you know what it is exactly?

With the ultimate aim of building brand loyalty and driving conversions, CX is all about creating as optimal an experience for your customers as possible throughout the B2B buyers’ journey. From identifying a need, through to awareness, purchase and advocacy, CX aims to make the journey as frictionless, efficient and positive as possible.

So, looking to create a better customer experience in 2021? This month, The Knowledge is tackling all things CX, including:

– Why is CX so important?
– What makes B2B CX so tricky (and crucial!) to get right
– Practical tips to improve CX for your brand