A well-designed and detailed strategy is the backbone of any successful business and, for us B2B marketers, strategy is a crucial part of any well-executed marketing plan. However, do we underestimate the importance of strategy – or understand how best to apply it to our marketing campaigns? 

We’re all guilty of ‘fire-fighting’ and securing quick wins, but taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture can pay dividends for your own results, and those of your business. Like a chess master, B2B marketers should be adopting a broader perspective, deciding a plan of attack, and choosing the right tactics for success.  

So, how can you make sure your marketing strategy is on the money? 

This month, The Knowledge delves into the core of the subject, asking you to rethink the questions at the heart of your marketing strategy. We investigate: 

– What it means to be a ‘strategist’  
– The power of ‘why’ 
– How to craft a strategic approach